Fair Trade

Our brand ensures our employees in Nepal a fair wage, pleasant atmosphere and worthy working conditions. It is our goal to ensure that all employees can take their own future in hands. This way we can make the world a better place for many families and children.
Read more about our projects in Nepal on the ‘Fair wear projects’ page of this site

Natural materials

We choose to work with natural materials.

Hereby we create clothing made off organic cotton, silk, wool and hemp. We also use recycled materials.

Most of our fabrics are woven by ourselves and colored with natural dyes.

This benefits the health of our employees and our customers, and it also improves the quality of our planet.

What every single one of our stores offers you

Fair Trade

All products are made in our own Fair Trade factory in Kathmandu, Nepal

Natural materials

All clothes and accessories are made with natural materials. We use organic cotton, silk, wool, hemp and recycled materials

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